attention: the class moved to 18:00

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Contemporary dance-improvisation class

What to expect?

I relate to the dancing body as a whole complex system that constructed from physical body, emotions, sensations, memories, personal history, thoughts and knowledge. The class facilitates a process of unlocking and expanding the range of possibilities of expression that are in our physical and mental body.

I like to guide the students in their own journey, encouraging them to deepen in their individual experience, and challenge them to visit and practice what is out of their habitual comfort zone.

We will work to improve physical abilities and availability in their body, increasing the level off attention to our body and mind, releasing tension and increasing the appetite for movement. 

We will learn through individual work, partner work and group work. We will travel on the scale between very structured exercises to more open improvisation scores, from being very serious to seriously silly, sweaty physical work to sensing of subtleties.My teaching is inspired by: Yoga, Feldenkrais, Kleintechnique, different animals, Buddhism, chocolate, meditation, psychology, martial arts, ballet, good music, anatomy, bad music, physics, different healing practices, mathematics, sociology, and the list is growing every day.The class is open for all levels.

Every Monday at 18:00-19:30


Kunstquartier Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2
Studio 2, second floor
10997 Berlin.


How much?
Tryout class: 6€
Single class: 12€
A card for 10 classes: 100€

Feel free to contact me for any questions. 




Yoga classes

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:45-13:00 and Sundays at 17:30-19:00, 19:30-21:00 I teach at Yellow Yoga studio. (The studio is located in two different locations so pay attention).

I’m also offering group and privet classes. for more details contact me.

Feldenkrais classes

Every Tuesday 13:15-14:15 I teach at Yellow Yoga studio. Mariannenstrasse 48.



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